A simple google search confirms that playing chess is good for brain development in numerous ways. Chess also teaches sportsmanship, and most importantly, it teaches kids to routinely consider the consequences of their actions. Here are a few of the ways chess has positively impacted my life:

  • At an early age chess showed me the benefits of self-directed study, and it showed me the inexorable link between hard work and reward.

  • Chess taught me to take responsibility for my choices.

  • Chess has given me lifelong friends and introduced me to people from diverse backgrounds and far away countries.

  • Playing chess offered me a strong alternative to playing too many video games.

  • Chess can help with college admission. I was a good student, but not a great student in high school, but my chess accomplishments undoubtedly helped me gain admission to a highly selective college. Also did you know there are chess scholarships?

  • Chess has given me the opportunity to earn a living by teaching a game that I love.

Not all kids will love chess as much as I did, but I firmly believe that its introduction benefits all kids, and for the kids who do love it, chess can be life-changing.