In addition to my personal playing experience in  high level competitive chess and coaching dedicated chess programs, I also have extensive experience teaching curriculum chess classes as a part of the school day.  At Chess in the Schools, I was taught how to teach beginner level classes, and I gained experience in teaching in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, with widely-varying skill levels and socio-economic backgrounds. I taught students ranging in age from 4 on up to adult, and classes that ranged in class size from 6 to 30. 

Here in Princeton, I enjoy teaching curriculum chess classes, at Princeton Day School, but I tend to have more availability for other schools than I do for afterschool programs.

Curriculum chess classes are a great way to expose greater numbers of students to chess and to help them learn sportsmanship and higher order thinking skills.  In my classes, I have cultivated years worth of puzzles and material to make the lessons as memorable and efficient as possible for the student. 

If curriculum classes are not a realistic possibility at your school, due to time or financial constraints, lunchtime programs are often the next best thing. When I taught in Pittsburgh, for the Pittsburgh Chess Club these were a popular feature at many Pittsburgh Public Schools. 

As of July 2018, I am excited to teach curriculum classes in the fall at Princeton Day School and at Trevose Day School (Pennsylvania), but I may have limited availability to teach at additional schools. To find out more about curriculum classes or afterschool classes, please contact me here