I was once a scholastic chess player myself, and some of my fondest childhood memories are from my after-school chess club and from chess tournaments that I attended with my classmates. My goal as a chess teacher is to foster an environment, and to lead after school chess programs with enthusiastic, improving students, while enjoying the consistent support of the school's parents and administration. I love to share my enthusiasm for chess, and I want all of my students to improve as chess players, but the primary goal is always to emphasize the important life skills such as sportsmanship and critical thinking.

In order to accomodate different learning styles and keep the activities fresh, each afterschool chess club includes an interactive lesson, chess puzzles, and then a chance for kids to play each other, often in a weekly tournament format. At the conclusion of each semester, chess-related prizes are given to the best performers in the club.  

As of this writing, in April of 2019, I am excited to announce that I will continue teaching chess at the following schools: Princeton Day School, Lawrenceville Elementary School, Eldridge Park Elementary School, and Chapin School.  My after school chess schedule is tentatively full, but If you are an administrator or parent at a school that might be interested in my services in the future, or if you are interested in curriculum chess classes, please contact me

  • Registration for Eldridge Park Elementary Chess Club is has now concluded for 2018-9.

  • Registration for Lawrenceville Elementary School Chess Club, resuming May 2 is currently open 😀 . Click here for more details and/or to register.

  • Registration for Princeton Day School and Chapin School chess clubs have now concluded for 2018-9.